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Packing Lists

How to Create the Perfect Camping List for Your Trip

Whatever your outdoor needs and goals, with careful planning and the right packing list for a camping trip, you're sure to have an unforgettable time.
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Gravel Travel

What Size Backpack Should I Get? Liters, Frames, and Sizing Explained

One of the most important things to consider when packing for a trip is what size backpack you will need. Depending on the length of your trip and what you plan on bringing with you, you'll need to...
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Team Gravel

What Is a Personal Item and How Is it Different From a Carry-on Bag?

There are two types of luggage you can bring with you on the plane: a carry-on bag and a personal item. But what exactly is a personal item? And how is it different from a carry-on bag? Let's find ...
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Packing Lists

Planning an Adventure? These 7 Tips Can Help You Do it Right

When planning an adventure, winging it can only get you so far. You'll want to be prepared to make the most of your trip. By following these seven tips, who knows? The locals might welcome you into...
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Gravel Travel

Meet the 42L: A Customizable Travel Backpack With Lots of Pockets

We created a backpack at Gravel that has plenty of compartments but also some key features that make it ideal for traveling. Check it out.
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Gravel Travel

How To Choose the Right Size for Carry-On Luggage

To choose the right size for carry-on luggage, you'll need to measure the height (H), width (W), and length (L) of your bag. The standard size that most airlines will allow is 22H x 14W x 9L inches...
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Gravel Travel

Packing Cubes for Travel: What Are They Good For and Are They Worth it?

Whether or not packing cubes are worth it largely depends on your packing style, mode of transportation, and the length of your trip. What are the benefits of using a packing cube system? Hopefully...
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Gravel Travel

The Dos and Don'ts of Traveling With Liquids in Your Carry-On

The best approach to carry-on liquids is to know exactly what the TSA allows beyond security checkpoints. Keeping it nice and simple, here are some basic dos and don'ts from the Gravel Team.
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Team Gravel

National Library Week Book Picks

In honor of National Library week, the Gravel team put together a list of their favorite books. Check out your local library to see if you can find some of these books for your next travels (We lin...