About Gravel

Gravel Co-Founders (Left, Chris. Right, Lance

Why the name Gravel?
Travel is special because it can be amazing and hard at the same time but that's what makes it worth it. New foods, sights, hotel pools...and maybe a flat tire to spice things up.

We design travel tested gear that's a joy to use and have raving reviews from road trippers to pilots.

We believe that the real adventure starts when you get off the asphalt and hit the GRAVEL.  

Gravel Co-Founders

Gravel Founders

Chris & Lance met in 2017 at a party in Utah, USA and Chris shared his idea for a new way to carry toiletries while traveling. The problem they saw was that many travelers were packing their toiletries into ziplock bags, giant “catch all” bags, and sometimes foregoing a toiletry bag all together.

They got to work and spent a year full of late nights of research, design, & trips to Wal Mart's toiletry aisle to design the best bag they could imagine. The solution was “The Best Toiletry Bag For Traveling” (aka Explorer SLIM) launched on Kickstarter in 2018.

Blown away by its success they moved both of their families to Vietnam to continue building relationships with some of the best bag manufacturers in the world. 

Ever since they've been passionate about making travel products that become trusty companions...not to make something that falls apart after a few uses.

Reusability and Recyclability
With our Lifetime Warranty, we want to make sure that all our products get years of use. Instead of just throwing stuff away for a warranty claim we want to closely examine and attempt to repair.

In 2018 we also started using only minimal packaging. One cardboard box was designed to serve as packaging and the shipping box (vs a box shipped in a box). We also do not use single use plastic in any packaging. We opted to use tissue paper to protect the product inside. We are now using cassava as a plastic alternative. 

Sustainable Materials
We do what we can to minimize our footprint through using recycled materials and other sustainable resources. 

Gravel strives to be organic certified. Organic certification means that textile and fabric products are grown according to strict guidelines on the use of petroleum based fertilizers, pesticides and synthetic products.

Environmentally Friendly Factories
With some factories it is a new concept to reduce waste. We are always pushing them to be more conservative with waste. The standard for manufacturing usually uses so much plastic just to ship products from a factory to a warehouse. We take steps along the way to reduce all waste everywhere we can.

Sustainable Fulfillment and Distribution
We're very close (as friends and business parters) to our fulfillment center. Waste when fulfilling thousands of orders at once can get pretty ridiculous. Giant plastic bags are a standard & used to gather all the products together to take to the distribution center. We work with our warehouse and manufacturers to make sure waste is minimized (hopefully to zero!)