About Gravel

Who are we? We're Gravel - We’re passionate about designing travel products that become trusty companions. Why the name Gravel? You know that sound when your tires leave the pavement for a dirt road? That's us. 

Dirt roads have led us to some our favorite places in the world - hot springs, mountain trails, and beautiful scenic routes. To us, Gravel is the means to take us somewhere amazing.

We seek to solve the biggest pain points of being on the go. We're lucky to have the greatest supporters on the planet. We've launched 4 Kickstarter campaigns and have had 18,000+ backers help bring our ideas to life!

Reusability and Recyclability
With our Lifetime Warranty, we want to make sure that all our products get years of use. Instead of just throwing stuff away for a warranty claim we want to closely examine and attempt to repair.

In 2018 we also started using only minimal packaging. One cardboard box was designed to serve as packaging and the shipping box (vs a box shipped in a box). We also do not use single use plastic in any packaging. We opted to use tissue paper to protect the product inside. We are now using cassava as a plastic alternative. 

Sustainable Materials
We do what we can to minimize our footprint through using recycled materials and other sustainable resources. 

Gravel strives to be organic certified. Organic certification means that textile and fabric products are grown according to strict guidelines on the use of petroleum based fertilizers, pesticides and synthetic products.

Environmentally Friendly Factories
With some factories it is a new concept to reduce waste. We are always pushing them to be more conservative with waste. The standard for manufacturing usually uses so much plastic just to ship products from a factory to a warehouse. We take steps along the way to reduce all waste everywhere we can.

Sustainable Fulfillment and Distribution
We're very close (as friends and business parters) to our fulfillment center. Waste when fulfilling thousands of orders at once can get pretty ridiculous. Giant plastic bags are a standard & used to gather all the products together to take to the distribution center. We work with our warehouse and manufacturers to make sure waste is minimized (hopefully to zero!) 

Gravel Founders