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Meet the 42L: A Customizable Travel Backpack With Lots of Pockets

We created a backpack at Gravel that has plenty of compartments but also some key features that make it ideal for traveling. Check it out.

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A backpack with lots of pockets may be all you need to make your trip more convenient and comfortable. It can serve as your daypack for hikes and other outdoor activities or double as a carry-on for airline travel.

We created a backpack at Gravel that has plenty of compartments but also some key features that make it ideal for traveling.

Check them out:

The Backplate

A curved backplate frames our 42L travel backpack. This reduces the strain on your back and shoulders, allowing you to carry more weight on your hips. Pair it with our waist belt for extra weight management. Also called a "sling belt," this nifty add-on can work independently as a crossbody bag.

Hovering Mesh

Not to be confused with your garage band's potential name, a "hovering mesh" system keeps the laptop compartment suspended off your back. In other words, you can reduce the amount of sweat running in rivulets down your back. This makes the 42L a cool daypack (both literally and figuratively). Take it with you on hikes, strolls, and anything in between.

Lockable Zippers

We didn't just make a travel backpack with lots of pockets. We also added lockable YKK zippers to keep your belongings secure during transit. In case you were wondering, YKK stands for "Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha" (try saying that fast). Known for their reliability and durability, these are the best zippers in the business. They'll make sure your backpack contents stay put, whether you're on a plane, train, or automobile.

TSA-Friendly Design

A backpack with lots of pockets sounds like a TSA agent's worst nightmare. But with our 42L backpack, it's quite the daydream. With it, you can breeze through security checkpoints with ease. The backpack features a split front opening that allows you to unzip it completely and lay it flat on the X-ray belt. But you can also pull it easily from the backpack's velcroed pocket and place it in a bin.

Laptop Compartment

Speaking of security checkpoints, the 42L features a padded laptop compartment that will protect your devices from knocks and bumps. The compartment has three semi-transparent mesh pockets (two small, one large) that can store your cords, drives, and power banks. The larger pocket can fit tablets, keyboards, and other gadgets, keeping you connected when you want to be.


A backpack with lots of pockets is great for stashing all this technology, but you'll want to make sure that your devices are well-protected from the elements. No worries there—while you shouldn't use the 42L as a floatation device, its water-resistant fabric can keep your belongings dry in the rain or when splashing about in puddles.

Modular Internal Storage

With the 42L's modular internal storage, you can customize the interior to fit your needs. The main compartment fits dividers that keep your separates ... well ... separate. But you can also use our flexible cinch straps. These come with G-hooks and buckles for extra adjustability. They tighten the space around your belongings, eliminating bulk.

The Front Pocket

What would a backpack with lots of pockets be without a front compartment to hold your toiletry bag, passport, and other travel essentials? The 42L backpack has the right amount of front space for just this purpose. It can even fit our 11L daypack, should you need more cargo power on your journey. We've also included a fleece-lined, catchall pocket on the top of the bag, so your phone, sunglasses, and other valuables can travel scratch-free.

Water Bottle Sleeve

Not just any water bottle sleeve, the 42L comes with a side pocket that zips open to make room for a 40 oz hydro flask, a tripod, or anything else that can fit and strap down. You'll never be dehydrated again! (Unless you overlook one of these travel hacks.)

Carabiner D-rings

So far it's pretty clear that we made a travel backpack with lots of pockets. But did we mention the many straps and hooks for your travel gear? That's right, our 42L comes with D-rings that are located on the backpack's front and sides. Grab a double-gated carabiner and use it to hook on your keys, travel blanket, or whatever else you may need on your trip.

Gravel's Travel Backpack System for Every Journey

We know that one backpack doesn't fit all, which is why we've designed the 42L to work with our bespoke Travel Backpack System.

The system includes a 42L backpack with lots of pockets, an 11L day bag for extra storage, a waist pack that doubles as a crossbody sling bag, and so much more that we could go on for days. With all these options, you can create the perfect backpack system for your travel needs, from a safari in Africa to a backpacking trip across Europe.

So there you have it: a backpack with lots of pockets ... turns out it's so much more than that. Curious about our other bestsellers? Check them out at the Gravel Shop.

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