best caribbean islands palm trees white sand beach
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5 Best Caribbean Islands for First Timers

We've rounded up five of the best Caribbean islands for first timers and explain why each of these destinations is perfect for any Caribbean vacation.
long flight essentials collage
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18 Long Flight Essentials for Your Carry-On or Personal Item

From comfy flight wear to old-school gadgets, these 18 long flight essentials can greatly improve your experience on a long journey!
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Ultimate Road Trip Packing List w/Printable Checklist

Knowing what to bring on a road trip is essential for a successful journey. But with so many potential items to bring, what should you include on your road trip packing list? To help you out, we’v...
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51 Road Trip Trivia Questions to Pass the Time

Looking for a way to make your road trip more enjoyable? At Gravel, we've put together some road trip trivia questions to help you pass the time!
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Become an Outdoorsy Type in 8 Easy Steps: A Guide for Homebodies

Becoming an outdoorsy type doesn't require you to become a different person! You can still be you, whether you're a homebody or not. Keep reading for eight great ideas anyone can use to become more...
The Essential Trip Blanket: Why It's a Must for Any Adventure
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The Essential Trip Blanket: Why It's a Must for Any Adventure

Let's take a closer look at the features and benefits of an all-around trip blanket and why it can be a great option to pack for your next adventure.
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Titanium Toothpicks: The Underrated Accessory Every Traveler Should Carry

Titanium products often get overlooked, but titanium toothpicks are a great addition to your travel accessories. Not only do they look badass and help you stay green on the go, but they come in han...
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30 Creative Ways to Say "Have a Safe Flight!"

When your loved ones are hopping on a plane, you want them to have a safe journey no matter where they go. But sometimes it can be hard to come up with the right words other than "have a safe flig...
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How To Choose the Right Toiletry Bag for Different Types of Travel

No matter what kind of trip you're planning — be it a weekend getaway, an international vacation, or just a day trip to the beach — there's a toiletry bag for every occasion.