The Essential Trip Blanket: Why It's a Must for Any Adventure

The Essential Trip Blanket: Why It's a Must for Any Adventure

Let's take a closer look at the features and benefits of an all-around trip blanket and why it can be a great option to pack for your next adventure.
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A versatile trip blanket can be a great addition to your travel gear. They're perfect for keeping you warm and cozy, whether you're camping, road-tripping, or just enjoying an evening outdoors.

But when we pack our bags for the next adventure, trip blankets often get left behind. Or worse, we pack a bulky comforter or regular blanket that adds more weight and takes up unnecessary space.

Luckily, some travel blankets have been designed to be lightweight and packable, making them awesome travel companions. Sometimes called "adventure blankets," they're designed for on-the-go use and can easily fit in small spaces.

At Gravel, we wanted to create a packable travel blanket that was both lightweight and supremely comfortable. So we created The Layover: a trip blanket with pockets, snaps, and convenient compartments for your travel accessories and more.

Let's take a closer look at the features and benefits of this all-around trip blanket and why it can be a great option to pack for your next adventure:

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Packs Down Small

An adventure blanket should be small and lightweight, so you can easily pack it wherever you go. The Layover trip blanket folds up into a compact pouch, perfect for tucking away in your bag. But you can also use a carabiner to hook it to your backpack or belt loop for easy access.

Super Soft, Warm & Lightweight

We all want silky-soft trip blankets that can keep us comfy and warm by the campfire, in the car, or on the plane. This is why our Layover trip blanket is made with 20D Nylon. Each fiber has over 3X the diameter of a silk strand, so the texture is buttery-soft. Plus, it's insulted with recycled PET plastic that mimics the warmth of down but is far more sustainable. The result is a trip blanket that is super soft, hella cozy, and surprisingly lightweight.

Covers Your Entire Body

The Layover measures size six feet long by three and a half feet wide, so you can wrap it around your body for full coverage. Any trip blanket worth its weight should keep you snug as a bug, which is why we made sure this one was big enough to cover your head, too.

Convenient Compartments & Pockets

We added a fleece-lined "kangaroo" pocket to the trip blanket so you can store your phone and other travel essentials, then zip them away for extra security. The pocket is also equipped with a microfleece sleeve so you can quickly insert your hands and keep them toasty warm. If that's not enough, the hideaway zip pocket along the edge of the blanket offers extra storage space for your valuables. This trip blanket even has an insulated pouch for your feet, perfect for chilly airplane rides or campfire nights.

Waterproof & Antistatic

Any durable outdoor blanket should feature a water-repellent coating so you can use it in light rain and wet grass without worry. And our Layover trip blanket is no exception. It has a waterproof coating to protect it from the elements and keep you dry. Plus, it's made from antistatic material, so you won't get shocked when you reach for your trip blanket after a long hike. (The only shocker will be how to live without it!)


The Layover trip blanket is designed to resist pet hair, so you can travel with your furry friends in comfort and style. Plus, it's machine-washable, so you can use it time and again without having to worry about dirt or pet hair.

Premium Snaps

Have you ever taken a redeye flight and drifted off to sleep with an airline blanket only to wake up and find it in a heap at your feet? It's annoying, amirite? That's why we designed The Layover packable blanket with premium snaps, so you can secure it around your neck to prevent it from slipping away. But you can also snap on more trip blankets to create a larger one and cozy up with your travel buddies.

Doubles as a Pillow

You can stuff the Layover travel blanket into itself, then use it as a fleece pillow. It's perfect for taking a quick nap or enjoying a night under the stars.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand by our trip blanket so much that we offer a lifetime warranty. If your travel blanket experiences any defects in workmanship or materials, we'll repair or replace it free of charge.

Real talk: a packable travel blanket is essential for anyone who loves to travel and explore the world. Whether you're taking a trip to the beach, going camping with friends, or embarking on an epic adventure, investing in this bad boy pays off big time.

So check out the five-star reviews and try it out for yourself. Chances are, this trip blanket will be your go-to for all your future journeys. So pack it up and get ready for your trip.

Happy travels!

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