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Travel Pet Peeves

Traveling isn't always super glamourous. It can come with a lot of pet peeves. Here are some of our biggest pet peeves (along with ways to avoid them).

1. Packing and unpacking at every stop.

Coming in at number one...unpacking and packing at every stop. Sometimes it feels like we spend more time doing this when we arrive to a destination than actually exploring.

The Fix? Organized toiletry bags, bags with dividers and packing cubes. 

We think the organized Explorer Plus is the perfect toiletry bag to keep packed and ready to go whenever you are ready! With its layflat design, you can see every toiletry easily so you don't have to take everything out at your destination. 

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2. Shampoo explosions

We have all suffered from a shampoo explosion. Cleaning up a shampoo explosion after a long day of traveling is the last thing I want to do. 

The fix? My clear TSA Insert from our Explorer Plus. Any shampoo explosions stay in the water resistant bag which goes in another water resistant pouch. Any liquid casualties stay inside the pouch which is awesome for and easy clean up. 

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3. Bringing too much stuff

Whenever I pack, I try to take as little as possible but somehow I end up taking way too many things. Right before I leave for my trip, I try to take out at least two articles of clothing because I end up wearing the same three shirts anyway- plus it's super easy to do laundry on trips!

4. Sitting in the aisle on an airplane grabbing essentials from your bag and holding up the boarding process.

It's always so awkward when you need to get your earphones, eBook, or tablet out when there is line of people behind you...there's never really a "good" time to do it, especially if you're in the middle or window seat. 

The fix? Luckily, Gravel came up with a cool way to combat this problem. Our new carry-on bag pairs with our sling bag to work together as a hip belt. Keep your essentials in your hip belt then unclip it and release the 42L and put it in the overhead bin. You're ready for your flight just like that.

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5. When you accidentally leave an oversize liquid in your luggage so TSA has to rescan your bag

Ugh. We have all been there. Whether it's a water bottle or a slightly too large tube of toothpaste, TSA will definitely flag it every time. The worst part is that slight embarrassment when your travel party has made it through before you so now they have to wait. Oops!  

No real fix, this is probably always going to happen. But, one way to not forget your toiletries is to keep them in a separate clear bag. If you want to save on single use plastics, use the TSA bag from our Explorer Plus. :)

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6. Not having a place for dirty laundry 

When you don't have a place to put your's just the worst. I just start throwing things in a corner and collect it at the end of my trip. Lately, I have been traveling with a  travel laundry bag and it has been oddly satisfying. It's great whether you are doing laundry abroad or if you are doing it right when you get home.

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Life hack: When you start traveling with a travel laundry bag, you can also use it for wet items or dirty shoes! This keeps your other clothes fresh!

7. Impatient People 

We all love getting to the destination, but the journey can be pretty stressful. While this is understandable, it's still super frustrating when the guy behind you is causing a scene. Be cool, man. ;) 

The fix? You can really only control yourself in this situation, so try a meditation app like Calm or Headspace. If you aren't into meditading throw on your favorite playlist.

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