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Shop Small Saturday Gift Guide

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2020 has been hard on everyone, especially small businesses. You can make a difference by shopping small. 

When you shop with Gravel, you are supporting three little families. We are SO grateful for you.

But don’t stop here! We’ve put together a list of our favorite small businesses that you can support this holiday season.

A Self-cleaning Water Bottle: Luma

The Luma Bottle was created by someone who is passionate about the fight against plastic bottles. He was inspired to create a reusable bottle that didn't stink after a week of using it for water. After some research, trial and error he came up with the Luma Bottle: a reusable water bottle that integrated UVC light technology to clean the bottle and purify water.

These make great gifts for pretty much anyone in your life!

Shop Luma Water Bottles 

Fawn Design Diaper Bag

The Original Diaper Bag - Black

Fawn Design was started by a rad mom named Jenny. She exemplifies small business in all aspects and we are so proud to call her our friend. 

She found the niche of functional and stylish diaper bags, fixing an industry problem that blew the market wide open. Fawn Design makes super high quality bags for all stages of having children and beyond. 

Shop Fawn Design Diaper Bag

Tristen Ikaika Rings

Our friend Tristen started making rings when he was 12 YEARS OLD. Since then, his rings have sold out multiple times. Every ring is made by him personally, so you know it's going to be GREAT. There are too many cool ones to pick from, so we will let you pick your favorite (I like the Daisy one, myself). 

Shop Tristen Ikaika Rings

Pillow Cube 

Pillow Cube

The creators of the Pillow Cube are living in the future. Your head and shoulder make a square, so the ideal pillow for sleeping on your side should be a cube! That's why they invented "The Pillow Cube." 

Get the best sleep of your life in 2021 with this pillow. I think we all need it! 

Shop pillow cube 

Rock Blocks Wooden Blocks

These are a fun take on traditional building blocks. Each one is different giving kids a challenge and a chance to work out their brains.

They are child-safe and super eco- friendly! Rock Blocks use and make eco-friendly and non-toxic natural dyes to give exquisite color to the blocks. Their colors come from Milk Paint, which is a more eco-friendly and non-toxic alternative to regular acrylic paints you find on wooden products. So you can let the play without worry!

Shop Rock Blocks Wooden Blocks

Blanc Gear

Forget your layers at home! Blanc Shirts are the new smart layer that you never knew you needed. Their world-class patented carbon fiber threading is lightweight and gives you maximum range of movement.

Shop Blanc Gear

Walker Family Goods

This traveling family created the goods for families that they didn’t see in the world. Their goal is to change the idea that you can’t travel with kids or that traveling with kids is difficult until they are older. 

With families of our own, this is a company we love supporting!

Shop Walker Family Goods

KUVRD Camera Lenses

Our homies at KUVRD sell flexible lens covers that are perfect for any on-the-go photographer. The lense caps fit up to 99% of cameras and can be packed anywhere. Not that you need it, but they have a lifetime warranty just in case anything happens.

Shop KUVRD Camera Lenses


Scratch Off Travel Map from KristinDouglasArt on Etsy

Silver Scratch Off Map  Framed Travel Map  United States image 0

Want a visual of your travels? This map does just that while being a cool piece of art to have in your home. Kristin started making scratch off maps in 2014! Her maps have over 7,000 reviews on Etsy and have a 5-star rating! 

Shop Scratch Off Travel Map from KristinDouglasArt on Etsy

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