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The Explorer PLUS™ toiletry bag is perfect for travelers - pack a ton while staying compact. Tons of pockets to keep organized & sanitary...like keeping your toenail clippers off your toothbrush. These bags are trusted by travelers worldwide - see why.

Top Features

• 8 pockets to keep all your toiletries organized
• Protect against shampoo explosions 
• Included clear & removable TSA compliant bag for quick TSA liquid scans
• Hang it up with an adjustable hideaway strap & g-hook 
• Lifetime Warranty
• Premium quality, durable, & versatile


Capacity: 3 Liters
Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 3 Inches
Bag Weight: 12.43 ounces

Pocket Info

Electric Razor/Taller Items Pocket - A mesh pocket with a curved zipper for easy access. It easily fits electric razors, hair combs and taller items! This pocket is large to add versatility so you can pack this as you’d like...it’s cozy in here. Ladies, if you are blessed to not have a beard and don’t have an electric razor then you can easily fit mascara, tampons, and other stuff. (10” Length x 4.5” Wide)

Water Resistant Toothbrush & Toothpaste Pocket - This pocket is solely for your toothbrush to keep your toothbrush from gathering debris & from rubbing up against anything but your pearly whites. Easily fits an electric toothbrush and travel sized toothpaste OR a full sized toothpaste & regular toothbrush. If you have an electric toothbrush and use lots of toothpaste there’s plenty of room for a full sized tube of toothpaste in other pockets. *Pro Tip! We’ve also found this pocket is VERY useful as a very convenient toothbrush holder while traveling. While hanging your open toiletry bag, leave this pocket partially open to let your toothbrush air dry and prevent it from falling on that gross hotel floor. (10” Length x 1.5” Wide)

Deep & Tall Pocket - A mesh pocket to fit your deodorant, comb, & all sorts of other essentials that might be longer. (10” Length x 3” Wide)

Two Deep Mesh Pockets - Pack these how you’d like! We were able to easily fit items like beard oil, q-tips, mustache wax, flossers, and finger nail clippers. (5” Length x 3” Wide)

DEEP Water Resistant Pocket - Store your liquids here to ensure that you don’t arrive to your destination with a shampoo explosion all over everything. Fit items like pomade, shampoo, 3 oz + travel liquid containers, cologne/perfume, etc...this pocket is SPACIOUS. (10” Length x 6” Wide)

TSA Removable & Water Resistant Pouch (included) - We included a premium clear, removable, & water resistant pouch for an added layer of protection from shampoo explosions. Quickly pull out the pouch and lay it next to your stuff for easy passage through airport security. Use the swivel hook attached to hang it up in the shower.

Secret Small Pocket - Well I guess this pocket isn’t a secret anymore is it? This pocket is inside & flush against the Electric Razor/Taller Items Pocket. It can store rings or other small items that you want to keep from sliding around in one of the bigger pockets. Condoms fit real great. (3” Length x 3.5” Wide)

Large Outer Pocket w/Soft Fleece Lining - This pocket spans the length of the back of the pack and has a soft fleece lining to protect valuables, a small first aid kit, or other travel items. Store your phone, watch, passport, cords, etc. (9” Length x 6” Wide)

Stowaway Adjustable Strap with Aluminum G-Hook - It’s just convenient to hang your toiletry bag. We built a special pocket on the back of the toiletry bag with a stowaway strap with what’s called a g-hook. The g-hook keeps a low profile and allows you to hook this bag onto anything. It’s stowaway pocket sits behind the large outer pocket to maximize storage space and stay hidden. Now your toiletry bag can hang anywhere or lay flat. (Strap is 16” Long. Pocket is 3.75” Tall x 6” Wide)

What is the difference between the Explorer SLIM™ & Explorer PLUS™?
The PLUS is for packing more, the SLIM is for packing light. SLIM: 1.5 LitersPLUS: 3 Liters
Is the clear TSA compliant bag included?
YesIs the clear TSA bag completely waterproof?No. The sides and bottom of the bag are welded shut but the top water resistant zipper won't stop leakage 100%. Although it will prevent shampoo explosions, this bag was made to go inside your Explorer PLUS™ for an added layer of protection. With both layers of protection you will be safe from shampoo explosions!Lifetime Warranty, really?We've only selected premium materials so we're so confident in our products. We will replace any Layover™ that suffers from a manufacturing error. If something else happens, feel free to e-mail us at hello@graveltravel.com and we will review each repair on a case-by-case basis.
How do I hang up the bag?
There is an included, hidden hang strap on the back of the bag on the top you can use to hang up the bag anywhere!
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Canada Canada
Nearly perfect, a few choices I'd change

A brilliantly thought out bag. Period. There are a few points to consider, but this is really, really smart. There are 4 possible criticisms: + Weight It's heavier than it has to be. This isn't necessarily a negative since the material is sturdy and excellent. But it's a choice that might not be right for you. + Compressible The weight is fine for me. But I do wish the material was slightly less rigid. I would trade waterproofing for compressibility. I almost never get my bag wet, but I always pack slightly less than the max this bag can hold. + Zipper A no-name zipper is off-putting in a bag of this price point. Maybe no known brands make "waterproof" zippers? + Hook on the clear TSA bag The first 3 points above are defensible — this isn't. Why on earth is the hook not removable? I don't always need to hang it in the shower. It's a great option to have, but an indefensible option to force.


Hi Stephen! Thank you so much for this detailed review and feedback! We seriously appreciate it!! I will have to pass this down to the rest of the team so we can discuss it in more detail! Thanks again! You rock! -Caitlin

Beth A.
United States United States
Excellent answer

Bought this for my husband and he is thrilled! He can actually find his things without dumping the bag out. For the first time ever he is organized and can tell what he is missing.


Hi Beth! Hahaha it's always nice to not have to do that! So glad it has been a good fit for him!! -Caitlin

Jonathon L.
United States United States
Love this bag...

just used this on a long road trip and it was awesome. Very versatile, holds more stuff than I thought was possible, has so many pockets and compartments and the hidden hanging strap comes in very handy. It does get a little bulky when it's stuffed full and there is no dedicated compartment for contact lenses (maybe in V2?). Anyway, really happy with the purchase. Get it!


Hi Jonathon! Thank you so much for this review and great feedback!! We appreciate it!! Hope you have a great week. :) -Caitlin

Kathryn W.
United States United States
Travel bag

Love all the compartments. Zippers are secure and waterproof.


Hi Kathryn! Thank you!! Glad you are loving it. :) -Caitlin

Thomas S.
Switzerland Switzerland


Hi Thomas! Thanks for the rating! Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions or concerns! -Caitlin