Celebrating Your Birthday While Social Distancing

Celebrating Your Birthday While Social Distancing | Gravel

To all the March-May birthdays, we are thinking of you during this wild ride. Here are some fun ways to celebrate your birthday while social-distancing + self-quarantining. 

Virtual Happy Hour

Send e-vites to some of your favorite friends and host a "Happy Hour" where everyone can Facetime or Zoom with accompanied by one of their favorite drinks. 

Bonus: Have everyone make/buy the same drink picked by the host. 

Birthday Videos

This works better if you are planning a party for someone you are quarantining with or if you are planning a virtual party for someone. Ask their friends and family for birthday videos so that they can feel the love even from miles away.

Play a Virtual Game Together

We aren't talking Call of Duty (unless you are into that sorta thing, then by all means). 

Plan some games that can be played virtually, such as Jackbox games. These party games are fun fill-in-the blank games that are sure to please. They are made to be played in the same room but some can work as long as everyone has a phone. Games like Quiplash and Fibbage can be played outside of the same room!

Bonus: Facetime or Zoom from one device and play on the other. 

Order Takeout

If your city still allows it, order takeout from a local restaurant or use a delivery service such as DoorDash to get your favorite meal delivered while supporting local restaurants that may not have as much traffic as normal.

Want $15 off DoorDash? Use this link when you sign up!


Create a Bar Crawl in Your Home

Missing bar crawls? Create your own with those you are quarantined with! Have a different drink or food in each room.

Make Yourself a Cake

Get a cake mix + frosting and make yourself a cake. To continue social-distancing, use the "Pickup" method for Target (check out pickup options when adding to cart). My personal favorite is Funfetti, but you do you! 

Bonus: Look up a how-to video on fun cake decorating and try some out! No better time like the present! Here's a cool way to add a "drip" to your cake!

What are you doing while you are self-quarantining? Leave us a comment!

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