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Travel Tips: 10 Ways To Fall Asleep On A Plane

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Falling asleep on a plane is near impossible. We found this rad infographic with some travel tips by Work The World that shows 10 ways to fall asleep on a plane (really it's even more than 10 ways ha) + there are just a lot of rad tips.

What To Bring On Board

  • Noise-cancelling headphones
  • Ear plugs
  • Blanket
  • Music player
  • Water bottle
  • Travel pillow
  • Sleeping Mask
  • Download new apps/games on phone
  • Download movies/shows in advance
  • Books/magazines

Before Your Flight

  1. Stick to routines. If you can schedule a flight that matches your natural sleeping patterns - perfect. If not, then stick to your usual bedtime routine before the flight (i.e. brushing your teeth, reading a book, etc)
  2. Dress for success. While your pajamas may not look sharp...dress comfortable! There are nice looking clothes (i.e. joggers) that you can use to look decent & stay comfortable
  3. Choose your seat beforehand. If possible, check in early/book your flight with a seat according to the side you normally sleep on. According to Skyscanner, the left side (when facing the cockpit) us better since the window seats are off center - offering more space to sleep on.
  4. Tire yourself out. The night before your flight, try getting a little less sleep. (For instance, cut down from 8 hours to 4-5. Once you're sat down on the plane and relaxed, sleep should come naturally.
  5. Limber up. The last things you need are aches & pains keeping you awake. Stretch your body or try some yoga before your flight to keep yourself relaxed.

During Your Flight

  1. Flip your neck pillow. Rather than placing it behind your head, wear it around your chin This means when you doze off your head will be supported when you naturally lean forwards.
  2. Use a foot rest. To maximize comfort, use your carry-on luggage as a foot rest to improve your posture. Slipping off your shoes should help things too. Wear clean + fresh socks!
  3. Stay away from the light. While in-flight movies or backlit devices can provide a much needed distraction, they also disrupt your sleep. Block out light from annoying devices with an eye mask.
  4. Listen to white noise. Drown out any distracting sounds with "white noise". Studies have shown that it can promote better sleep. Ambient soundtracks such as rainfall or TV static are freely on the internet to download!
  5. Avoid the snack trolley. Drinks and snacks rich in caffeine, sugar, and alcohol can disrupt your sleeping pattern. If you must eat, try having a carb-rich snack like cereal an hour before dozing off.

Sleeping Positions

The window gazer. Using a pillow for comfort, prop your head against the window to drift off to sleep.

The headbanger.
Pull down your seat tray and lean on top of it, using arms and pillows for comfort.

The lovebirds.
Rest your head on the shoulder of the person next to you - preferably someone you know :D

The crab.
Ideal for aisle seats - bring your legs to your hips and over the arm rest (but watch out for trolleys and passer-by's

The VIP.
Have some empty seats in your aisle? Stretch out across the eats with a blanket + pillow.





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