Many of you have asked for a little more detailed of a product overview to know exactly what the Layover looks like (design & function). So, Lance made a real cool video overview we think you'll like. There's even a really fun fact about the Layover nestled in there somewhere.

Also when someone on our team at Gravel finds projects we think are cool we'd like to share them with you. Right now especially we have a few projects near and dear to us we thought you'd be interested in checking out from friends + family.

Lance's Pick // Built in Pocket + Packable // The M1 Camera Strap

Lance here - One of my best friends made this super rad camera strap.

Reasons I like it:

  • Because I helped him by being in this .gif
  • Because it has a pocket in the strap, said pocket then folds into itself and packs away for simple clean storage.
  • & because he’s a great person...I dare you to check it out and see me on the campaign page HERE

Chris' Pick // Uinta Daypack 25 | Packable, Anti-Theft, Water Resistant

Chris here - This is my brother's campaign that just launched today! Pretty cool 25 L packable backpack with a lot of features. Most notably anti-theft, water resistant, & packable. Check it out HERE

Brooke's Pick // World’s Most Advanced Muscle Recovery Tool: SPRYNG

Brooke here - When I'm not working, I'm usually doing something active. The worst part of working out is the soreness after, so I thought this product was super rad! Anything that can cut down on rest time is a friend to me. Check it out HERE