Hey friends, we're shipping like crazy. Took a second to make a quick video! Thanks so much for your patience! (if you can't watch a video we wrote some stuff below)

We've been working super hard to get your orders out over the last week or so & turns out 8,000 packages is heavy work! We're pumping them out, though! It is our main priority to make sure your orders get to your doors quickly and packed correctly, so we've checked and double checked that they're all right. We've been sending out packages but we've still run into TSA issues from before. BUT we've figured all that out for good and a huge chunk of you will have your shipping label printed tonight (which means you'll get tracking if your package has a label) and we'll have the rest out in the next few days. 

We promise we're working hard. We've got a team sweating away and plan to get these out as soon as possible!

If you want a more specific look at your order, we'd love to help you out. Just shoot an email to hello@workbygravel.com

Lance & Chris