Hi Friend,

We're super excited to share our new product with you! We're getting everything ready for our new product Kickstarter launch going live next Tuesday May 28th.

We noticed that staying comfortable while traveling is really tough. You just can't predict when exactly you'll need extra comfort at any stage of your journey. We think we've found a pretty awesome solution to help you stay a little more comfortable & refreshed on the road. 

Welcome the newest product to the Gravel product lineup - The Layover!

A premium insulated travel blanket with a lightweight nylon shell to pack down super small with a ton of features to keep you feeling cozy like you are at home in bed. 

Some Features:
  • Super packable. Packs down to the size of your fists and is 35% lighter than a pair of Nike Free shoes
  • Always have it. Stash it or hook it to anything so that you'll forget it's even there until you need it
  • Pillow. Stuffs into a pillow to add comfort to that subway wall, a park tree, or a bumpy airplane ride
  • Hoodie sleeve. Keep your hands warm just like with your favorite hoodie
  • Envelope pocket. Secure items like your passport and boarding pass
  • Leg pouch. Eliminates cold drafts with an insulated foot pouch
  • Premium snaps. Keep the blanket around your shoulders for hands free full body warmth
  • Snap together. Compatible fasteners lined along the blanket edge to connect to a friend's blanket to expand the blanket width
  • More Features TBA. Check out the Kickstarter when we go live for a full feature list

Limited SUPER Earlybird Pledges Available!

We launch on April 10! As a Gravel backer we want you to know that to kick things off we're going to have a limited amount SUPER Earlybird pledges available so you can get the Layover with the deepest discount possible during the campaign! We're expecting these pledges to be gone after the first couple hours of our launch so be quick to check out the campaign & secure your pledge :D 

Get A Text Right When We Go Live (US Numbers Only)

To help secure your SUPER Earlybird pledge with the deepest discount we can text you right when we go live! It's our promise to ONLY text you ONE text the day the Kickstarter campaign goes live - we hate spam.

Enter your US based phone number for ONE text when we go live HERE

Team @ Gravel