Hi there,

We're super excited to announce we'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign on March 31st, 2020 @ 10am MST! This is going to be our biggest product launch yet.

The elephant in the room, COVID-19. A LOT is going on right now & as a travel company we've had a lot to ponder about. It might be a little while until we can visit the people & places we love...not to mention checking off places on our bucket lists. We went back & forth on the "right time" to launch this Kickstarter. As we thought about it we realized this is what crowdfunding & Gravel are about - marching into the unknown!

A HUGE THANK YOU for your continued trust helping bring Gravel products to life. We're a small team of 6 & we're doing what we can to keep each other healthy & safe. Your continued support has kept our little families fed & a roof over our heads! Luckily we've all be able to work from home...thank goodness for the app Marco Polo...it makes us feel a little closer! 

Lance's At Home Desk

We do know two things - we'll get through this together & we won't let this defeat us. Things will be different & new opportunities will arise.

We're really proud of what we're about to announce! So, keep your eyes peeled - we'll be sending you a sneak peek with more details later this week! In fact, we want you to be first to know when we go live on March 31...

Limited SUPER Earlybird Pledges Available!

So far to you THESE are MYSTERY PRODUCTS (yes more than one :D.) Although, we'll kick things off with a limited amount of SUPER Earlybird pledges during the campaign! We want YOU to secure the best price, not somebody else. We're expecting these pledges to be gone after the first couple hours of our launch so be quick to check out the campaign & secure your pledge :D

Get A Text Right When We Go Live (US Numbers Only)

To help secure your SUPER Earlybird pledge with the best price we can text you right when we go live! It's our promise to ONLY text you ONE text the day the Kickstarter campaign goes live - we hate spam.

Enter your US based phone number for ONE text when we go live HERE

Outside the USA? We're using Facebook Messenger to notify you - sign up HERE


Chris, Lance, & Gravel Team