By now you should have your Gravel products. By the way, we think you have great taste!

What should I use to clean my bag? With a damp cloth, spot clean your bag with mild soap and water. Hang to dry. 

What is my warranty like? Your bag comes with a lifetime warranty. We are so confident in our product's build that we have added a lifetime warranty - plain and simple. If the bag doesn't hold up for what it was designed for (toiletry carry) then let us know and we've got you covered.

Is there a way to hang my bag? Yep! The back of the bag has a secret pocket which contains a hook so you can conveniently hang it wherever you want. 

If you ordered the Plus...

Is the clear bag TSA compliant? You bet! The outside pocket conveniently fits the TSA bag so it is easy to pull out and repack at security checkpoints. 

Have another question? E-mail us at and we will help you out. 

Thanks again for your support!