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Gadget Flow - Explorer Bag

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Easily carry all your toiletries with the Gravel Premium Compact Toiletry Bag. Featuring six separate pockets, the Gravel keeps your toiletries organized during travel. The mesh deodorant and razor pocket has a zipper for quick access while the waterproof toothbrush pocket keeps your toothbrush clean. Additionally, the deep waterproof pocket is ideal for your liquids like shampoo and body wash. The deep mesh pocket is suitable for your essentials such as cotton buds, nail clippers, and more. Similarly, the secret small pocket inside the deodorant and razor pocket keeps smaller items secure. Lastly, the large outer pocket comes with a soft fleece lining, making it ideal for valuables like your phone or watch. It also comes with a handy hang strap that you can hide when you don’t need it. Likewise, the strap is adjustable, making it easy to hang anywhere.

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