Golden Sample Approved | Bag Improvements, Product Walkthrough Videos, & Production Started!

Super good news!

Golden Sample Approved

We received the golden samples for the Backpack System & they look amazing. We've reviewed/tested everything and we're just so pumped on how they turned out. We've made a few more minor improvements that we think you'll really enjoy. Here's a couple we think you'll like.
42L Backpack: Outside g-hook tabs sewn down. On the outside of the bag there are 8 tabs that are used with the cinch straps. They were sticking out and we thought they should be sewn down for a cleaner look & easier cinching...
11L Day Bag: Waist strap added that tucks away.

Product Walkthrough Videos

We've made quite a few improvements over the past few months and we think you should see the bags! Here's some walkthrough videos of the bags.

Production Started!

We've started production! The first step in production is getting all of the materials ordered. We've paid the factory & they have started the process. We're still on track for a December 2020 delivery even with Covid. As always we'll keep you up to date if anything changes. It's frankly a tight deadline although very doable for us.