Free Gift For Layover Review! + Other Neat News

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Hey there!
Some have asked for an update on this project since we is a smattering of updates, news, & blanket tips.

Free Gravel Carabiner For Review!

We're looking to get some reviews of the blanket on our website. In return for your review we'll send you a free Gravel carabiner ($14 USD)! Just pay for shipping.
How do I get the free carabiner?
All you have to do to get the carabiner is head to our website & leave a review for the Gray Layover Blanket - click HERE to get to the product page. If you can - add a photo to your review. We love to see how you use it!
Right after you leave your review, you'll receive a discount code to the e-mail you used to submit the review.

Blue Blanket Added!

Since the campaign ended & we shipped to everyone we made another production run of blankets. We decided to also make blue! You can find it here.
Blanket Uses
The blankets have been so fun and we've loving hearing how backers have been using are some uses for the blanket we didn't even think up before launching this:
  • Making forts
  • Swaddling a cat with to help its anxiety
  • Acupuncture
  • On boat between scuba dives
  • Wear like a poncho while working at desk
  • Couch surfing
  • Stargazing
We'd love to hear your uses, comment below how you love using the blanket!

Pro Tip

We surprisingly had a lot of people not know you can stuff the blanket into itself in the zipper pocket to make a pillow & pack it away w/o the stuff sack. Here's Brooke to show you how!

Thank you for all your support!

As always we're just so thankful for your continuous support.


Gravel Team