Who is Gravel?

Who is Gravel?

(This blurry masterpiece was the first  picture we ever took together!)

We want to be a reason why you travel. We want you to get our package in the mail and start planning your next trip or to be the motivation for you to get a remote job so that you can see more of the world. You are MADE TO MOVE and we want to do whatever we can to support you in that.

Chris and I met back in 2016 at a party in Utah. Long story short, we founded Gravel and started launching travel products together. We even moved our families to Vietnam for a while to be close to our manufacturers. It was wild.

Our entire goal has always been to create freedom. Life isn't about, working 90-hour weeks and never seeing our families.

Life is about getting out and showing them the world! We brought on Brooke (who is now a part-owner Gravel) and Caitlin. Both of which are incredible and have been a HUGE part of what Gravel has become!

- Lance, Co-founder

(Gravel today! 5 years later and a little less blurry.)

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