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15 Handy Gifts for Couples That Travel

If you're looking for gifts for couples that travel, look no further. Whether it's him and her, or her and her, or them, these 15 gifts for traveling couples are sure to spark some inspiration.

If you're looking for gifts for couples that travel, look no further. Whether it's him and her, or her and her, or them, these 15 gifts for traveling couples are sure to spark some inspiration.

1) Travel wallets

Travel wallets and passport holders make great gifts for couples that travel. Not only do they keep cash, cards, passports, and other travel documents safe and organized. They're also a stylish way for your friends and family to show off their wanderlust.

2) Luggage straps

Luggage straps are another great gift for couples that travel. They add a layer of security to checked baggage and make the bags easily identifiable as they wind around the airport carousel. That way, your globetrotting friends can grab their luggage and be on their way without any hassle.

3) Travel blankets

A road trip. A train ride. A flight. It doesn't matter where or how they go. Travel blankets are among the best couple travel gifts out there, hands down. They keep the chill at bay during long hours of transit and make you feel as snug as a bug. Gravel's travel blankets come in different colors and snap together to make a larger blanket for two, so you and your boo can keep the snuggle fest going.

4) Pop-up tent

One of the best things about camping is cozying up in a tent together. But not just any tent will do. A pop-up tent that's easy to set up and take down is an ideal gift for couples that travel and camp. That way, they can spend more time enjoying each other's company and less time fiddling with the tent.

5) Camping hammock

A camping hammock is another one of our must-have gifts for traveling couples. There's nothing quite like kicking back in a hammock and taking in the great outdoors together. Plus, hammocks are incredibly versatile and can be used for hiking, backpacking, picnicking, and even in the backyard.

6) Travel backpack system

A backpack system is one of the most practical couple travel gifts on this list. It allows solo travelers and duos alike to pick from a variety of bags and accessories. That way, they can pack up or pack down, depending on the specific needs of the trip. For example, Gravel's 42L backpack, 11L daypack, and sling belt can be used together as a complete system or as separate bags. Add to that cinch straps and backpack dividers and you have a lean, mean, packing-machine dream team.

7) Packing cubes

Packing cubes are a godsend for travelers of all stripes. They help keep clothes and other items organized while in transit. Plus, they make unpacking a breeze. No more rummaging through a suitcase to find that one shirt you need. Just pull out the packing cube and voila! (Still unsure? Click here for all the reasons why packing cubes make excellent gifts for couples that travel.)

8) Power bank for two

A power bank or portable charger is an essential travel accessory for anyone who relies on electronics while on the go. But a power bank for two is even better. Look for a portable charger that comes with at least two USB ports. That way, your traveling dynamic duo can charge their devices at the same time.

9) Toiletry bags

Toiletry bags make awesome gifts for couples that travel, especially premium bags that come in different shapes and sizes. At Gravel, we've designed our toiletry bags to be both stylish and functional. They're made with water-resistant materials and come equipped with multiple compartments to keep everything in its place. Plus, our Explorer SLIM, PLUS, and MAX bags come in two different colors — sand or black — eliminating the need for guesswork when packing. (Which bag is hers? His? Theirs? You'll always be able to tell at a glance.)

10) Personalized travel adventure map

Is there anything more thoughtful than receiving a personalized gift? We think not. A personalized travel adventure map is the perfect way to commemorate all the amazing places your favorite couple has been, even if that couple just so happens to be you and your S.O. Plus, it makes for a stunning piece of wall art.

11) Silicone travel bottle set

Ditch the disposable travel-size toiletries and upgrade to a silicone travel bottle set. These eco-friendly bottles are reusable, TSA-approved, and help to keep your liquids, gels, and creams from exploding all over your luggage. Some 3 oz silicone bottles feature built-in labels, so you can easily identify what's what. Others come in a variety of colors, making them badass gifts for traveling couples.

12) Collapsible electric kettle

Not every BNB or hotel comes equipped with a kettle, which can make it tough to enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee at any time of day. This is why a collapsible electric kettle is one of the best couple travel gifts out there. It folds up flat, so it takes up very little space in your bag. Plus, it heats up quickly, so you can enjoy a hot beverage in no time. Look for a kettle with a silicone body to prevent scalding and make cleaning it a breeze.

13) Reusable water bottle set

Gifting a reusable water bottle set is a great way to help the environment and keep the couple you love hydrated while on the go. These eco-conscious bottles are often made with sustainable, lightweight materials like silicone and bamboo. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and sizes, making them easy gifts for couples that travel.

14) Bamboo cutlery set

Want to make it easier for your favorite couple to eat on the go? Give them a bamboo cutlery set. These handy sets come with everything they'll need to enjoy a meal, including chopsticks, a fork, a spoon, and even a cleaning brush for reusable straws. Best of all, these couple travel gifts are lightweight, sustainable, and easy to clean.

15) Gift card to a travel site

Last on our list of gifts for traveling couples is the gift of choice. For travel gear, a gift card to a site like Gravel can give the couple you love the freedom to choose exactly what they need for their next big adventure. For travel experiences, a gift card to Airbnb or Kayak can score them a sweet deal on their next vacation rental or plane tickets.

So there you have it, 15 gifts for couples that travel. Whether you're looking for couple travel gifts that are functional or fun, we hope this list has offered you a little motivation.

Happy gifting!

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