Apartment Therapy | Gravel

Apartment Therapy

At some point, we’ve all tried to make a comfortable resting spot out a tiny airplane seat—a place that simply couldn’t measure up to the coziness of a bed. From using a rolled up jacket as a pillo...
Man of Many - The Layover Review | Gravel

Man of Many - The Layover Review

Gravel Makes Travel Comfortable with Their Blanket Kickstarter View on Man of Many
The Coolector - Layover Review | Gravel

The Coolector - Layover Review

If you’re a regular traveller, you’ll likely be only too aware that it can be quite an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience travelling through airports, making connections and having to stopover...
Cool Things | Gravel

Cool Things

Why Carry A Travel Pillow When You Can Be More Cozy With The Layover Travel Blanket? View on Cool Things
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One Tech Traveler

Essential Packable Gravel Travel Blanket for Seasoned Travellers See on One Tech Traveler
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The Inventory

Gravel Made the Travel Pillow of Blankets Read Full Article