Legit Gifts - Layover Review | Gravel

Legit Gifts - Layover Review

Life can get a little unpredictable, with unexpected moments that can be huge setbacks. It gets even worse when traveling. The last thing you’d ever want during your travel is an unexpected flight delay or an overnight period of waiting for the next bus or train. You no longer have to fear the co...
Trend Hunter - Layover Review | Gravel

Trend Hunter - Layover Review

Traveling for extended periods often means relinquishing certain comfort amenities for efficiency's sake, which is something 'The Layover' blanket from Gravel is designed to change. The blanket is crafted from durable 20D nylon material that is highly resilient, but also capable of being compacte...
The Coolector - Layover Review | Gravel

The Coolector - Layover Review

If you’re a regular traveller, you’ll likely be only too aware that it can be quite an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience travelling through airports, making connections and having to stopover in loads of different locations. Well, with the Gravel Layover™ Travel Blanket, which is funding ov...