This Packable Travel Laundry Bag Will Keep Your Clean and Dirty Clothes Separate

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It happens all the time — you pack the perfect bag or luggage for your upcoming trip, but you forget to think through where you're going to put your dirty laundry. Suddenly, you have to find a solution to fit your dirty clothes when traveling, and now your packing process is completely thrown off.

Before you start freaking out, there's a packable travel laundry bag for just this scenario. It's designed to fit in our 42L travel backpack system but works well on its own. It's the perfect way to keep your clean and dirty clothes separate when you're on the go.

Gravel's Packable Laundry Bag for Travel

We all know that laundry is a necessary evil. It piles up as you travel, threatening to encroach on your clean clothes. Ask anyone who's worked up a sweat exploring a nature trail or sightseeing all day. Unless they're willing to wear the same clothes day after day, they'll tell you how important it is to have a designated spot for funky laundry.

And let's face it — travelers rarely have time to take a full laundry break. Some even leave the laundry chores for when they get back home.

So, how can you keep your clean and dirty clothes separate while still packing efficiently?

That's where Gravel's travel laundry bag comes in. It's roomy enough to fit a whole lot of laundry, but it can also be packed down to fit in your carry-on or travel backpack.

Best of all, it keeps your clean and dirty clothes separate, so you can travel with peace of mind.

Use a Travel Laundry Bag To Make Your Trip More Efficient

Our laundry bag for travel is made of a durable, lightweight material that fits in a side pocket inside our 42L travel backpack. The laundry bag's dimensions are perfectly optimized to use every inch of space in the travel backpack. But as we said, it can also hold up on its own in case you have other travel gear that you need to bring along.

A hardy zip closure ensures that your laundry stays put while a G-Hook allows you to hang it pretty much anywhere. And two inside pockets can help you separate your gym clothes, bathing suits, and other damp or sweaty items from the rest of your dry laundry. You know, in case you need to re-wear something before you have a chance to wash it. (We've all been there!)

If you're travel-savvy and can make your clothes last longer, our laundry bag for travel should be big enough to fit a week's worth (or more) of dirty clothes. The travel laundry bag is also great for storing your dirty shoes after a long day of hiking or sightseeing.

In short, the best laundry bag for a trip is one that can be packed down small, works seamlessly with your packing ritual, and keeps your clean and dirty clothes in separate harmony. Gravel's travel laundry bag does all of that and then some.

Check it out:

So, next time you're packing for a trip, don't forget the travel laundry bag! Your clean clothes will thank you. :)

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