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Most Underrated Cities in the World

We polled some of our team members on the most underrated travel destination they've been to, here's what we all had to say!

We polled some of our team members on the most underrated travel destination they've been to, here's what we all had to say:

Brooke (aka, me): Kona, Hawaii

When you think of Hawaii you think of Kauai, Maui and Oahu. I feel as though people leave out the big island 99% of the time...but not me. I love the Big Island. We went there in 2018 during the massive hurricane, which I think made the trip that much cooler + more intense. 

My can't miss for the Big Island is Waipio Valley. It is UNREAL. One of the locals invited us to his Taro Farm, which isn't usually a tourist destination...and it was the most beautiful place I've ever been. Leaving was such a shame.

Lance (Co-Founder + Fun Haver): Ho Chi Minh City

When we started Gravel, we lived in Vietnam for two months to oversee product and to get to know the factory. Best decision ever! The craziness of the city was so rad and the food is so good. 

At the time, I was Vegan. There were so many vegan options in Vietnam which was so awesome and convenient. I'm still looking for the best authentic Vietnamese food stateside. ;) 

Fun Fact: Lance prefers vietnamese soy sauce over regular soy sauce!

Chris (Co-Founder + Stuff Doer): Morocco

Morocco, hands down! Morocco is cool because you have to walk everywhere because cars aren't allowed there. It feels very old and authentic. The people of Morocco live like they did years ago. It's a surreal experience. 

We also loved visiting the historic site Aït Benhaddou. Lots of things have been filmed here from Game of Thrones to Gladiator. It only exists because there's a spring that creates a river. It's in the middle of the desert, but a beautiful river runs through it. 

We stayed in the Governor's Palace, in the music room. It was only about $60 a night! A must do. 

Henry (Head of Product Design): Rabat, Morocco 

Rabat and Fez are awesome. Rabat is a nice mix of the old city, and some of the new city that’s chill. The streets are beautiful, the food is good. Stay in a Riad.

Fun fact about Rabat: Romans used to live there, and there are tons of Roman ruins to prove it!

Kenzie (Sewing + Product Design):  Netherlands

I feel like Eindhoven, Netherlands was a semi-underrated but cool place... it has a great design culture, yummy food and you can blend in with the locals so easy if you get a bike and ride around! And Blanes, Spain. It’s right outside of Barcelona, has a wonderful nude beach 😂 and an amazing hike to a castle that overlooks the ocean!

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