Shipping Delay - Shipping In October

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Well, bad news guys. We were totally on track to get the Explorer PLUS (Expeditioner) here to Utah and ship it all out to you by mid September. Unfortunately, with political garbage happening at the moment, an unusual amount of people are importing goods into the US for the holiday season. Thus there's a huge back log and all sorts of shipping delays from Asia into the USA. So as of right now we're looking at the 4th week in October as a ship date.

The company importing our bags recently said:

You have been super awesome and supportive durring this campaign. We're real grateful for you guys and happy that you trust us to bring these products to you. It's hard when you set a goal, and do everything possible to hit that goal, and then you miss it by a few weeks. We're just bummed for the couple of you that reached out that have trips in early October. Hope you can put up with one more trip with the zip lock. ha

Hope you guys understand, please reach out if you have any questions.

- Lance & Chris

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