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Can You Bring a Blanket on a Plane? Here's What TSA Has to Say!

Ah, the humble blanket. It's been keeping us warm and cozy since time immemorial. But can you take a blanket on a plane? Find out what TSA has to say!

Ah, the humble blanket. It's been keeping us warm and cozy since time immemorial. But can you take a blanket on a plane? Fortunately, for all of us who like to pack light and travel with as few items as possible, the answer is yes!

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows travelers to include blankets in their carry-on bags and checked luggage. They had this to say about bringing blankets on planes:

"A blanket is allowed through the checkpoint. Airlines set restrictions for the size and number of carry-on items allowed. Please reach out to your airline so you won't have any surprises when you get to the airport."

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So while you can bring a blanket on your flight, you may want to double-check with your airline if their policies regarding the size and number of carry-on items have changed.

In most cases, you won't need to contact the airline, especially if you're bringing a packable travel blanket with you on the plane. These blankets are designed to be lightweight and easy to store in your carry-on bag or backpack, so you won't have to worry about them taking up too much space.

Plus, they're usually made of soft and comfortable materials that provide the right amount of warmth and comfort during the flight.

But why would you even consider bringing a blanket on a plane unless you're traveling with an infant? Don't most airlines provide you with one? We've all seen little bundles wrapped in plastic propped up against the plane seats as we saunter down the aisle. They're often included in domestic and international flights, waiting for us to drape them across our shoulders and knees in case it gets chilly.

The problem is that some airlines, especially budget airlines, may not provide travel blankets. So the question goes from "Can you bring a blanket on a plane?" to "Should you bring a blanket on a plane?" And if so, what kind?

For experienced travelers, the answer is a resounding yes!

How to choose the best one for your travels is a different story ...

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How To Choose The Right Travel Blanket

The key is to pick one that is lightweight, packable, and made of comfortable materials.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when shopping around for the perfect airplane travel blanket:

Size: The size of your blanket needs to fit comfortably in your carry-on bag or backpack.

Weight: Weighted blankets are awesome, but they can add between 10 to 20 pounds to your bag, so look for travel blankets that are lightweight and easy to transport.

Comfort: Choose a blanket that's made of soft, comfortable material so you can enjoy maximum coziness during your flight.

Design: You can find travel blankets in a variety of colors and patterns, so choose one that fits your style.

Warmth: If you tend to get chilly on board, or if you're traveling during winter, make sure the blanket you choose provides adequate warmth. A lightweight travel blanket that's insulated with a layer of synthetic fill can be a great choice.

Travel companions: If you're traveling with a companion or family member, look for a blanket that's big enough to fit two people or can combine to make one large blanket. Pets and children can also benefit from a packable travel blanket!

Slip-proof: Lastly, keep in mind that we tend to shift positions during our sleep, which can cause the blanket to slip off. So you may want to look for a blanket with straps or a holder that'll keep it in place during the flight.

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Gravel's Lightweight Travel Blanket

Ready to hit the road, but don't want to be weighed down?

Our premium travel blanket provides lightweight insulation that mimics down feathers for the right amount of warmth. It packs down to the size of a grapefruit and features 100% recycled materials. Plus, the nylon outer shell resists liquids, static electricity, and pet fur. It also comes with pockets to keep your hands and feet warm and a zipper compartment for your tiny valuables.

We thought about stopping there, but then we envisioned tired travelers who keep getting roused from their slumber by a blanket that won't stop slipping off. So we added snaps to secure the blanket around your neck and keep it in place. These fasteners run along the edge of the blanket, too, making it easy to merge two or more blankets and create one large cozy cover.

Oh, and it doubles as a pillow when packed down!

But don't take our word for it. Check out our 400+ customer reviews and grab yours when you're good and ready.

Here's to a comfy and cozy journey!

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