Best Travel Bottles For Shampoo

Best Travel Bottles For Shampoo

Looking for the best travel bottles for shampoo? Gravel's travel bottles are leakproof, fit together like puzzle pieces to take up less space, have integrated labels for different liquids, and fit 3oz each. Check them out!

What are the best travel bottles for shampoo?

We’ve all had our fair share of vacation mishaps. Canceled flights, getting sick, or even baby blowouts in the car seat…there’s a lot out of our control. Travel isn’t always glamorous and that’s what makes it great though. I like to do what I can that’s in my control to reduce friction & make my experience the best I can. 

The Problem You Want To Solve

Ever experienced a shampoo explosion in your luggage? Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination only to find that your clothes have been smothered in your favorite shampoo you threw in the night before. Then you’re forced to share the micro shampoo and conditioner bottles at your hotel with your whole family. Traveling alone? Why do those little soaps always dry out your skin?

It’s Caitlin here and this exact situation has happened to me not only once, but twice. I wish I was kidding! The second time there was even a hair stuck to the “new” bar of soap in my hotel bathroom. That was more than enough to convince me to ditch my old travel bottles for shampoo and find something new. 

On family trips, it always made more sense to just bring my own shampoo and conditioner. The tiny bottles in the hotel were gone on the first night thanks to my little brothers trying to make a bubble bath with the shampoo and dumping out the conditioner to have a container for the spider they just caught. 

On solo trips, or trips with friends where I WAS able to get my hands on the hotel products, I noticed that they often dried out my skin and only added to the few “vacation pimples” that seem to pop up the first few days of a trip. They also look so similar that I’ve accidentally used the body wash as shampoo. Not fun. 

The Solution - The Best Travel Bottles For Shampoo

After all this, I decided it was time to start using travel bottles for shampoo and bring my own products on trips. I picked up those cute little neon ones at Target and had some success. They leaked a bit so I put them in ziplock bags and taped labels onto the sides. It definitely wasn’t a pretty sight, but hey, it worked. 

When I finally started working for Gravel, the travel bottles were a godsend. I still have Chris and Lance to thank for upping my travel game. ;)

Of all our products, the Travel Bottles For Liquids 3oz are still my favorite. I love these things! Here’s why.

best travel bottles for shampoo

  • Leak proof!
  • Each bottle holds 3oz (89ml) of liquid
  • 3oz per travel bottle "3 fl oz (89ml)" is printed on the bottom of each so airline security agencies can see it follows their guidelines making them TSA compliant
  • Take up minimal space They fit together like puzzle pieces. I haven’t see any others that do that!
  • Come in a pack of 2 (1 speckled clear and 1 speckled frosted grey)
  • Adjustable labels The labels on the lids can be switched to show what’s inside. Labels are (Lotion, Soap, Shampoo, Sun, Conditioner, & Blank)
  • Spill-Proof
  • Button opening and screw-on lid

We sell toiletry bags and these bottles were designed to be complimentary to them.

My current toiletry bag (Gravel Explorer SLIM Toiletry Bag with two travel bottles)

best travel bottles for shampoo

Gravel's Explorer PLUS Toiletry Bag fits 7 travel bottles

best travel bottles for shampoo

Travel Bottles Video Walkthrough

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