How to snag a SUPER Early Bird Pledge

We're launching our new Kickstarter tomorrow less than 24 hours! (Tuesday February 23 @ 9am Pacific be exact) It feels pretty wild...we're psyched to be back! Learn how to get a text right when we go live below to snag a SUPER Early Bird pledge & get the best price :D

A super packable mask that you'll never forget | The Re:Pack Face Mask

Limited SUPER Early Bird Pledges Available!

We'll kick things off with a limited amount of SUPER Early Bird pledges during the campaign! We want YOU to secure the best price, not somebody else. We're expecting these pledges to be gone after the first couple hours of our launch so be quick to check out the campaign & secure your pledge :D

Get A Text Right When We Go Live (US Numbers Only)

To help secure your SUPER Early Bird pledge with the best price we can text you right when we go live! It's our promise to ONLY text you relevant Kickstarter notifications - we hate spam.
USA based phone number? - sign up HERE
(ps if you get a message that says "Looks like you're already subscribed" are all set!)
Outside the USA? We'll e-mail you when we go live - sign up HERE
Chris, Lance, & Gravel Team