• Post a 3 part Instagram Story within 3 weeks of receiving your bag
  • Tag @Gravel in one of the slides. Must be towards the middle and clearly visible
  • Share $10 off coupon code with your followers:


  • Use swipe up feature and link to:


  • Save story to your phone. You will need it to finish your completion form.
  • Fill out the form once you receive it via email (about 2 weeks after you signed up) 
You will need to have it available in order to complete your contractual agreement which is outlined below under "YOUR POSTING AGREEMENT" in case you need to review it.


Here is a list of ideas and tips to help you start brainstorming and hopefully provide some guidance if you don't already have a plan in mind.
  • Show what you are currently using as your toiletry bag. Show you moving your items to your new Gravel bag and where you decide to put things. Video throwing away your old bag!
  • With the holidays coming share as a gift idea for fathers, brothers, family, friends, etc. 
  • Discuss how there is a small and large version of the bag to meet everyones needs.
  • Show close ups of details and materials to share the high quality craftsmanship.
  • Natural light = Best Light. Especially since the bag is black, natural light will allow your audience to see more detail and understand what you are showing them.
  • Show the bags different features and how the functionality works.
  • Post videos of you using the bag on a trip if you have one coming up!
  • Use the swipe up feature in all your slides so people don't have to wait till the end if they are curious to see the product online.
  • Get creative using the poll, slider or questions stickers! (We would love to see screenshots of these responses too so save them if you can and upload them in the completion form)



By accepting this collaboration and product from Gravel, you agree to:

  1. Post a three part Instagram Story within three weeks of receiving your product.
  2. Tag "@gravel" in one of the first slides. Tag must be placed near the center of the story and clearly visible.
  3. Share the coupon code provided for your followers in one of the slides.
  4. Use the swipe up feature to link your audience to our site using this link: https://www.workbygravel.com/collections/shop-toiletry-bags
  5. Fill out the completion form that will be emailed to you.
  6. In the event you are unable to post or complete the form, you agree to return your product back to Gravel and accrue any shipping costs.



    Hey Gravel Traveler, my name is Annie! Also known as our team mom (the cool mom obvs) but really I am the one doing our social media work as well as managing our afiliate program. So if you need anything, I am your girl!