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Cheap Flight Websites We Love!

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My first interaction to a "cheap flight website" was from a giveaway on Twitter. I had never heard of such a thing...but, apparently I was way behind the times because there are dozens of sites that do the same thing. Here is a list of our team's favorite cheap flight websites!

Sounds to good to be do they work?

Each of these services comb through the internet to find mistake fares, cheap fares, good dates to travel and more. Most of these sites have both a paid version and a free version. If you travel a lot, the paid versions may be right for you, but I personally thrive on the free versions. The best part? The cheap fares save a ton of money, which gives you more money to spend on your trip!

Pomelo Travel, $0-30/year

Pomelo has a paid option and a free option available. Both are super awesome options, but the paid version obviously gets you a little more. According to their site, free users miss about 75% of the deals. Pretty wild. 

The paid version is custom to your location, so you will be getting deals straight into your inbox with deals out of your home airport. The free version sends a list of some of the best deals around the nation. 

Scott's Cheap Flights, $0-49/year

 All in all, Scott's Cheap Flights is a similar program to Pomelo, with a couple differences. One major difference is that they advertise peak season mistake fares and holiday mistake fares more often. 

Scott's Flights only sends deals from reputable airlines unlike some competitors. You won't always have a bad interaction with some of the lower-end airlines, but a lot of people have. Scott's takes the guesswork out of that and only shares from airlines they trust., Free

One of my personal favorite websites is Hotwire. You can book cheap flights, hotels and car rentals from here. It's so easy and the prices are so low, it's crazy.

The bad news + the good news. The fares aren't quite as low as the ones from sites above. But, the good news is that you can pick the actual dates you want to travel. Unlike the other two, you have more reign on when you want to go.

Cheers to cheap travel!

Brooke fisher at Gravel

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