Best Thing I Ever Ate on Vacation (Opal Thai in Honolulu)

Best Thing I Ever Ate on Vacation (Opal Thai in Honolulu)

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This is one of Hawaii's best hidden secrets. I'm literally almost too nervous to share about it because I don't want it to get too popular. Opal Thai in Honolulu, a cool little spot that treats you to mind-blowing, authentic Thai food!

Run by a super friendly couple (he's from Bangkok, and she's from northern Thailand), the place feels more like a cozy house party than a restaurant. But, oh boy! Do these guys know how to put together incredible meals.

There's no standard menu that you'd usually find at a restaurant. (I mean, technically, there is. But Opal will strongly discourage that. I know, it's a little scary). Instead, the main man himself pops by your table for a quick chat – he wants to know all about your food moods: what kind of Thai dishes do your taste buds tingle for, what your go-to protein is, and all the delicious details. Once he's got it down, he whips up a custom meal that's just right for you!

And let me tell you – the food is OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD. We're talking Khoai Soi (a curry noodles dish that's all sorts of yummy), and Thai hot wings that were so crispy and flavorful. Every dish is carefully crafted, seasoned to perfection, and served up with jokes and smiles. 

The cost? Totally reasonable considering what you get – around $20-30 per person.

So if you ever find yourself in Honolulu, swing by Opal Thai (get a reservation). You and your taste buds are in for one heck of an adventure. With the most fantastic food and the friendliest folks running the place, it's an experience you won't forget!

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