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Get the Explorer PLUS™ & Blue Layover Blanket.

Explorer PLUS™
This bag just raised over $1,000,000+ in crowdfunding! The Explorer PLUS™ toiletry bag is perfect for travelers - pack a ton while staying compact.

• 8 pockets to keep all your toiletries organized
• Protect against shampoo explosions 
• Included clear & removable TSA compliant bag for quick TSA liquid scans
• Hang it up with an adjustable hideaway strap & g-hook 
• Lifetime Warranty
• Premium quality, durable, & versatile

Sizing: 10 x 7 x 3 Inches

Weight: 12.43 ounces

Blue Layover™ Blanket

Packs down super small - to the size of your fists! From road trips, picnics, or Netflix it’s the perfect companion to create a comfortable environment…anywhere.

Warmth & comfort w/insulated core
Hands free napping w/snaps around neck
Eliminate cold drafts w/leg pocket & insulated foot pouch
Keep hands toasty w/micro fleece kangaroo pocket
Secure items (i.e. headphones, passport & boarding pass) w/envelope pocket
Turns into pillow by stuffing into envelope pocket
Super packable (size of your fists)
Increase blanket width w/snaps along blanket edge
• Spill proof & antistatic coating
• Detachable & hideaway stuff sack
• Premium quality & durable
• Lifetime Warranty

Blanket Sizing: 41" (105 cm) x 67" (170 cm)
Packed Down Stuff Sack Sizing: 7" x 5" x 3"
Weight: 12.43 ounces (35% less than a pair of Nike Free shoes)
layover packable blanket
best blanket
Detailed Info

Explorer PLUS Detailed Features
Electric Razor/Taller Items Pocket
- A mesh pocket with a curved zipper for easy access. It easily fits electric razors, hair combs and taller items! This pocket is large to add versatility so you can pack this as you’d like...it’s cozy in here. Ladies, if you are blessed to not have a beard and don’t have an electric razor then you can easily fit mascara, tampons, and other stuff. (10” Length x 4.5” Wide)

Water Resistant Toothbrush & Toothpaste Pocket - This pocket is solely for your toothbrush to keep your toothbrush from gathering debris & from rubbing up against anything but your pearly whites. Easily fits an electric toothbrush and travel sized toothpaste OR a full sized toothpaste & regular toothbrush. If you have an electric toothbrush and use lots of toothpaste there’s plenty of room for a full sized tube of toothpaste in other pockets. *Pro Tip! We’ve also found this pocket is VERY useful as a very convenient toothbrush holder while traveling. While hanging your open toiletry bag, leave this pocket partially open to let your toothbrush air dry and prevent it from falling on that gross hotel floor. (10” Length x 1.5” Wide)

Deep & Tall Pocket - A mesh pocket to fit your deodorant, comb, & all sorts of other essentials that might be longer. (10” Length x 3” Wide)

Two Deep Mesh Pockets - Pack these how you’d like! We were able to easily fit items like beard oil, q-tips, mustache wax, flossers, and finger nail clippers. (5” Length x 3” Wide)

DEEP Water Resistant Pocket - Store your liquids here to ensure that you don’t arrive to your destination with a shampoo explosion all over everything. Fit items like pomade, shampoo, 3 oz + travel liquid containers, cologne/perfume, etc...this pocket is SPACIOUS. (10” Length x 6” Wide)

TSA Removable & Water Resistant Pouch (included) - We included a premium clear, removable, & water resistant pouch for an added layer of protection from shampoo explosions. Quickly pull out the pouch and lay it next to your stuff for easy passage through airport security. Use the swivel hook attached to hang it up in the shower.

Secret Small Pocket - Well I guess this pocket isn’t a secret anymore is it? This pocket is inside & flush against the Electric Razor/Taller Items Pocket. It can store rings or other small items that you want to keep from sliding around in one of the bigger pockets. Condoms fit real great. (3” Length x 3.5” Wide)

Large Outer Pocket w/Soft Fleece Lining - This pocket spans the length of the back of the pack and has a soft fleece lining to protect valuables, a small first aid kit, or other travel items. Store your phone, watch, passport, cords, etc. (9” Length x 6” Wide)

Stowaway Adjustable Strap with Aluminum G-Hook - It’s just convenient to hang your toiletry bag. We built a special pocket on the back of the toiletry bag with a stowaway strap with what’s called a g-hook. The g-hook keeps a low profile and allows you to hook this bag onto anything. It’s stowaway pocket sits behind the large outer pocket to maximize storage space and stay hidden. Now your toiletry bag can hang anywhere or lay flat. (Strap is 16” Long. Pocket is 3.75” Tall x 6” Wide)

Blue Layover Detailed Features

• Nylon: 20D
• Insulation: 40 gr/sq m made from recycled PET plastic (used water bottles!)
• Warmth Rating: 60°
• Zippers: YKK
• Weight: 12.43 ounces
• Drawstring: Paracord
• Anti-Static + Waterproof Coating
• Machine Washable

Explorer PLUS FAQ
What is the difference between the Explorer SLIM™ & Explorer PLUS™?
The PLUS is for packing more, the SLIM is for packing light.Is the clear TSA compliant bag included?

Is the clear TSA bag completely waterproof?
No. The sides and bottom of the bag are welded shut but the top water resistant zipper won't stop leakage 100%. Although it will prevent shampoo explosions, this bag was made to go inside your Explorer PLUS™ for an added layer of protection. With both layers of protection you will be safe from shampoo explosions!

Lifetime Warranty, really?
We've only selected premium materials so we're so confident in our products. We will replace any Layover™ that suffers from a manufacturing error. If something else happens, feel free to e-mail us at hello@graveltravel.com and we will review each repair on a case-by-case basis.

How do I hang up the bag?
There is an included, hidden hang strap on the back of the bag on the top you can use to hang up the bag anywhere!

Blue Layover FAQ
Can you wash the Layover™?
You sure can! The Layover™ is machine washable, and you can tumble dry it on low!

What height does the blanket work for?
If you are over 6'3" - With the blanket snapped around your neck it will be a little tight to use the foot pocket at the same time. You can still use the blanket in every other way. At this time we are working on an option for taller people. Feel free to try it out, as we offer free returns if you aren't pumped.

Lifetime Warranty, really?
We've only selected premium materials so we're so confident in our products. We will replace any Layover™ that suffers from a manufacturing error. If something else happens, feel free to e-mail us at hello@graveltravel.com and we will review each repair on a case-by-case basis.

Environmental Commitments

Long-lasting design
We didn't cut any corners with material selection to ensure rips and tears are minimized plus stress points get extra attention. We also designed reinforcements in areas used most. Two examples:

1. Snaps are reinforced with extra material surrounding them to reduce rips

2. Attached stuff sacks can get stress on the connected parts when packing. We added a snap to the piece of material that connects the blanket to the stuff sack. When packing away if the material is getting too much stress, the snap will break loose vs cause threads to take the beating.

Reusability and recyclability
With our Lifetime Warranty, we want to make sure that the blanket, as do all our products, gets years of use. Instead of just throwing away a blanket for a warranty claim we want to closely examine and attempt to repair.

In 2018 we also used only minimal packaging. One cardboard box was designed to serve as packaging and the shipping box (vs a box shipped in a box). We also do not use single use plastic in any packaging. We opted to use tissue paper to protect the product inside. We are now using cassava as a plastic alternative.

Sustainable materials
The insulation for the Layover is made out of 100% recycled material (plastic bottles in fact). Certified free of harmful chemicals and are safe for human use. Organic certification means that textile and fabric products are grown according to strict guidelines on the use of petroleum based fertilizers, pesticides and synthetic products.

Environmentally friendly factories
With some factories it is a new concept to reduce waste. We are always pushing them to be more conservative with waste. The standard for manufacturing usually uses so much plastic just to ship products from a factory to a warehouse. We take steps along the way to reduce all waste everywhere we can.

Sustainable fulfillment and distribution
We're very close (as friends and physically) to our fulfillment center. Waste when fulfilling thousands of orders at once can get pretty ridiculous. Giant plastic bags are a standard & used to gather all the products together to take to the distribution center. We work with our warehouse and manufacturers to make sure waste is minimized (hopefully to zero!).
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Fiorella P.
Peru Peru
Just what I need for longer trips

Blanket's pockets are on spot. Plus small for easy carry. The toiletry bag plus is just what I need for longer trips, I'm thinking on getting the small one for weekend trips.

Ian H.
United States United States
Excellent Form!

Love the shape and size of the Explorer PLUS. Fits in my new Solgaard Carry-On Closet perfectly!

Zannee C.
United States United States
Love! love! love!

I just love the travel blanket & toiletry bag. I’m always cold on the plane so the leg pouch & micro fleece pocket were big pluses. I only wish it was a little bit bigger/longer. I can’t wait to use them on my next trip. I also plan to buy a couple more to give as gifts.

Raymond Z.
United States United States
Combo package deal

So far pretty happy. The garment bag might of told me I car too much **** on vacation. Taking it to Disney for 10 days in December. I like all the zipper but seems tight on space. The blanket is nice, thought it would be a little thicker. Still not that cold in MI so it has not been put to the test

A Gravel Customer
Sabra B.
United States United States
Blanket is WARM & lightweight - Toiletries bag not used yet

First- the blanket is great, no question. It’s bag is too small, as others have stated. I used the blanket over top a heavy thick sleeping bag (because the air was still too cold in the tent), and it was instant warm! The material is slippery, but not a deal breaker. I do highly recommend the blanket. Second, I did not get a chance to use the toiletries bag due to not getting it in time; I was already packed and ready to head out. (See customer service review at the bottom.) It seems OK, but also seems heavy. I can’t guarantee I’ll even use it, tbh. I have something else I found that works great. Third, the carabiner is ok, but nothing you can’t find elsewhere for less money. But I thought I’d give it a try. I like having lots of these style clips to choose from. Customer Service: Needs work. Mostly, communication is horrendous. Sorry, Gravel, but you know it. Emails were not answered for at least 24 hours, and answers were not always specific. I initially asked prior to my order if I could do curbside pickup, and several hours later was told no due to Covid, but they would check and let me know. Later the next day I was told I could, and asked if I had submitted my order. I replied no, I didn’t want to order if I couldn’t get this arranged in a timely manner to meet my upcoming trip needs. A day later, I was told they would get it to me either for pickup or mail in time, but if not, they would refund me. I didn’t want a refund on a guesstimate delivery (especially for this cost when I can buy something else). But, considering the promise, and that they were taking forever to respond to emails, I placed the order (and even added the 1 business day shipping cost) and informed them of such. I also tried to confirm the pickup was still OK, and if so, I wanted my shipping cost refunded. The NEXT day, they responded with a question for pickup time on the day I needed, but nothing said about the refund. I replied with a time. Again, nothing back until the next day. Then I got an email that there was a USPS label created and my order was shipping. So I tried to email them, I tried to message on FB, and even posted on a FB ad…but nothing. The next day I was responded to via email that pickup was still happening. I watched the USPS updates, and the order had been shipped. So going out of my way on my way out of town would have been for nothing. Luckily, the mail came about an hour before I was leaving, so I was able to pack the blanket, but not use the bag. Anyway, communication there desperately needs to be managed way more efficiently. No one should have to wait 24 hours for quick, easy answers. Would I buy the blanket again? Yes. It’s great. But I would do so wayyyyy ahead of time. I will say, once shipped, it got here within the 1 day as paid for. However, due to the horrible communication, I’ve since purchases a 2nd blanket (different brand) from another retailer so that I have a couple to work with. I want another one of these, but just don’t feel really eager to give them more of my money when this last experience was so stinkin’ stressful.